01 September 2011

Black and Blue (and purple and yellow...)

Life is much more colorful
When you bruise easy.
And last week I had bruises of varying degrees
On all four limbs.
Don't worry, no one has been grabbing on me.
I just have terrible coordination and the unfortunate luck of getting twin bruises.

Go ahead, laugh.


  1. I bruise very easily!! I hate slug bug games or when people poke me with their finger. They always leave a bruise. My iron is fine so I have no idea what it is.

  2. Ha! I should probably have my iron tested - this seems like a recent problem that I'm bruising easily. I have been doing a lot more physically demanding work lately, so the opportunities to bruise have been more frequent! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I also bruise easily. The other day I had to 'break into my own house' after locking myself out. I had multiple bruises up and down both arms! My husband asked me to wear long sleeves until it disappeared, in fear that people will think that he is abusing me! haha!

  4. Anon, my husband was worried about the same thing with these! Hard to wear long sleeves in the warm Alabama weather, though. LOL!